Please read over the forum rules. Single Edge and Injector razors only!!! No DE Straight or Cart razors of any kind allowed.


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Rules to live by here. Please read over them.

1 3 Rules
by wchnu
Sept 1, 2012 17:12:52 GMT -6


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Pull up a chair and talk about anything you wish. Common sense rules here.

182 2,449 The Seinfeld thread (or the thread about nothing)
by birdlives
Sept 23, 2017 9:52:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Shave Talk

General discussion board for anything shave/razor related that doesn't fit in other boards.

194 2,331 115 year old bit me.....hard
by wchnu
Sept 17, 2017 18:44:02 GMT -6
No New Posts Smoker's Corner and The Pub

Cigar? Pipe? What do you like? Favorite Whiskey or Beer? The Pub is open also.

Moderator: wchnu

17 354 what did you smoke today?
by wchnu
Aug 18, 2017 21:09:13 GMT -6


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What will the combination of the day be?

Moderator: norfolkdick

294 7,850 Monday 18th September to Sunday 24th September 2017
by Petrvs
Sept 23, 2017 14:56:28 GMT -6

SE World

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No New Posts New (non-vintage) SE Razors

Let's hear about the new stuff.

7 204 My Adjustable SE Experiment
by twhite
Sept 2, 2017 12:20:57 GMT -6
No New Posts Kampfe/Star Razors

The Original Safety! What is more 'Original' than these?

Moderator: RocketMan

23 225 1902 Kampfe Bro/Star New Model.
by birdlives
Jul 19, 2017 22:36:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Gem Razors

Let's talk about the Gem brand here.

Moderator: wchnu

152 2,008 GEM 1912, Possibly Brooklyn
by wchnu
Sept 21, 2017 20:49:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Ever Ready Razors - 1 Viewing

Let's talk about the Ever Ready brand here.

Moderator: wchnu

101 1,714 Yet another Ever Ready 'Sun Ray' ...
by RocketMan
Sept 11, 2017 14:44:53 GMT -6
No New Posts Other SE Razor Brands

Let's talk about all the other brands of SE.

Moderator: RocketMan

154 1,921 PERFECTA!
by Petrvs
Sept 23, 2017 14:50:27 GMT -6

Injector Razors

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Let's hear about the new stuff.

2 31 The Single Edge by Supply Provision Co - An All-New Injector
by pj3r
Jun 29, 2017 1:41:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Schick Injector Razors

How about the Schick Injectors? This is their spot to shine.

Moderator: RocketMan

109 1,069 Schick Type J2
by Alan
Sept 23, 2017 8:49:31 GMT -6
No New Posts Other Injector Razors

Let's talk about the other brands of Injector razors.

24 353 PAL made in England
by wchnu
Jul 31, 2017 1:59:46 GMT -6

The Whet Shop (sharpening maintenance & repair)

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No New Posts Razor Repair and Maintenance

17 144 GEM 1912
by twhite
Jul 1, 2017 21:58:54 GMT -6
No New Posts Sharpening and Honing

13 258 Warner Jones SE hone
by RocketMan
Aug 17, 2017 20:15:09 GMT -6

Other Shave Tools

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No New Posts All About Shave Soaps and Creams - 1 Viewing

Lets talk about shave soaps pucks or sticks and creams. . Favorites you have or questions you need to ask.

114 1,620 Williams Mug Shave Soap Club
by wchnu
Sept 21, 2017 0:23:19 GMT -6
No New Posts The Shave Brush

Gotta have a brush right.

125 1,125 Look What The Cat Dragged In....
by wchnu
Aug 14, 2017 5:10:37 GMT -6
No New Posts Blade World

Have a favorite blade? Hate a blade? Lets hear it.

71 971 Blade shims
by mpf9ret
Aug 25, 2017 0:27:27 GMT -6

After the Shave

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No New Posts After Shaves

What After Shave are you using?

33 378 Favorite AS
by pj3r
May 2, 2017 0:59:02 GMT -6
No New Posts Cologne

Here is the spot to chat about that special Cologne.

11 142 Vintage Avon
by mftoms59
Apr 20, 2017 20:55:10 GMT -6
No New Posts All the Rest

What else do you use to follow up on the Shave? Have a favorite preshave product?

8 76 Witch Hazel
by RocketMan
Apr 14, 2016 23:54:14 GMT -6
No New Posts The Daily Soap

Chat about buying, using and making bath and facial soaps

8 67 Papoutsanis Greek Pure Olive Oil Bar bath Soap
by fram773
Aug 11, 2015 8:28:21 GMT -6

Shave School

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No New Posts Shave School

Questions about making lather or how to use a SE razor? Ask them here. Have a video or suggestion for newbie's and vet's alike! Let's see it.

31 196 Fuzzy shaves with Colgate cup soap and a
by Petrvs
Aug 14, 2017 23:17:46 GMT -6


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No New Posts Photo Gallery

Post pictures of your favorites here. Let's see the collection!

34 239 Jayaruh's SE Collection (some of them)
by ShadowsDad
Apr 20, 2017 6:57:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Catch of the day

Get a new razor or some gear? Let us see what you found. Feel free to brag some.

Moderator: wchnu

239 2,116 Treets...
by Alan
Sept 23, 2017 8:46:32 GMT -6


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Test pictures and such here.

16 88


wchnu: Yup Ibet your right. Prolly gave him koodies too. Sept 17, 2017 18:39:39 GMT -6
RocketMan: Ooooh yeah. Poor guy. Hospital koodies. Yikes! : ) Sept 17, 2017 18:45:39 GMT -6
wchnu: If I liked him more I might actually feel bad about that. Sept 17, 2017 18:54:02 GMT -6
wchnu: Did I type...THAT... Outloud???? Oops Sept 17, 2017 18:54:28 GMT -6
birdlives: I hear nothing....I see nothing.....Hospital Koodies.......Yeaagh!!!! A DE with a Derby!!! NOPE!!! I hear nothing...I see nothing...If I go under the anesthesia, I'm taking someone I can trust to WATCH all that business....I can trust you guys, RIGHT ? Sept 17, 2017 19:18:03 GMT -6 *
wchnu: Why yessss you can...uhhuh,..sure can...most the time anyway. Sept 17, 2017 19:35:00 GMT -6
birdlives: What about that Canadian Rocket Dood? Can I trust him too? Sept 17, 2017 19:38:22 GMT -6 *
wchnu: Hard to say....but prolly so. Sept 17, 2017 22:40:17 GMT -6
GarnerPW: I just read what you wrote there Fuzz or should I say Mr. Fuzz. And all this time I thought you liked me. O_o :'( (rofl) Sept 18, 2017 4:38:29 GMT -6 *
GarnerPW: Don't trust him there Bird. You know what they say, "You can't trust the Man/Fuzz". The Canuck, is alright though. Sept 18, 2017 4:43:20 GMT -6
birdlives: I don't know......Have you seen what that crazy Canuck does in a bath tub? Sept 18, 2017 13:31:26 GMT -6 *
GarnerPW: No what??? Sept 18, 2017 13:33:24 GMT -6
RocketMan: What??????????????? Sept 18, 2017 17:41:16 GMT -6
RocketMan: Oh yeah!! The bathtub boat races!!! I thought you knew something. : / Sept 18, 2017 17:42:02 GMT -6
birdlives: Ha,ha,ha....lmao! Sept 19, 2017 0:26:28 GMT -6
Alan: Boy, I thought I was going nuts, so I stared at it for a while and realized Riverruns avatar winks. Sept 19, 2017 21:29:17 GMT -6
birdlives: ALAN!!'re right! That could be dangerous! This might be a case for the avatar police! I stretched his avatar as big as my i-Pad screen...Bam! It blinked and I! Sept 20, 2017 2:04:25 GMT -6 *
wchnu: Garner..did I type That outloud..darn. the SE dude is a good guy though. Sept 20, 2017 17:33:32 GMT -6
wchnu: Alan!!! Good to see you. I will check out that avatar. Sounds spooky. Sept 20, 2017 17:34:08 GMT -6
wchnu: It really does wink!! Sept 21, 2017 0:47:42 GMT -6