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ordinaryshaver: Thank you sir! I am hoping for good news. If we receive it, I will be sure to let yall know! Nov 4, 2018 20:51:10 GMT -6
jamie: orindary shaver: I wish u the best, It is so hard waiting for those blood test - I pray all is well, I find good things happen to good people! stay positive, we live in great times with modern medicine - just amazing advances happening all the time Nov 5, 2018 18:51:26 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: For those of yall that have sent prayers, and we'll wishes, thank you all,from the bottom of my heart. I will have an update within 24 hours, and I will update yall as well.. Nov 7, 2018 19:37:14 GMT -6
wchnu: How be the Y'all? Nov 8, 2018 13:31:37 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: Test results were a mixed bag. Some things I thought were good we're and others were not. I have a bulged, herniated and deteriorating disc. L4,L5, and L6. So, next week it is off the the surgeon for a consultation. Blood Nov 8, 2018 23:16:24 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: Work came back ok, as did the MRI. The X-ray was where most of the "messed up part" was. Nov 8, 2018 23:17:15 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: Also, the Mrs. Is going to be on a different medication to try and figure out the autoimmune disorder. That will take more time to figure out. Nov 8, 2018 23:18:30 GMT -6
Petrvs: sending good vibes & prayers your way, my friend. Hope everything gets better soon. Nov 9, 2018 7:57:28 GMT -6
wchnu: bulged is an easy fix..I gotta hammer. All the best vibes sent your way as always. Nov 9, 2018 10:02:36 GMT -6
9nein9: Sledge or rubber? Guess it depends . Dr.Fuzzy can make that call.Hope things work out well for you and the Mrs, os. Nov 9, 2018 20:14:05 GMT -6
wchnu: ball peen Nov 10, 2018 11:47:49 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: Well Fuzzy, I may take you up on that offer. Nov 10, 2018 20:58:27 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: Thank you to all Veterans for your service. Nov 11, 2018 8:48:39 GMT -6
9nein9: Good choice, ball pein is a great dual purpose hammer, test reflexes and hammer bulging discs lol Nov 11, 2018 19:50:54 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: With friends like y'all, I'd hate to think what would happen if you didn't like me! Nov 11, 2018 21:33:04 GMT -6
ShadowsDad: Praying for you all OS! If you require surgery praying for that as well. Nov 12, 2018 16:06:34 GMT -6
ShadowsDad: Whoops! Hit the wrong key! When I went in for the triple bypass the anesthesiologist saw me in the prep room and tried to do a comedy act to lighten the mood. He didn't know that I didn't require it. Everything was in the Almighty's hands for days. Nov 12, 2018 16:09:27 GMT -6
ShadowsDad: I was OK with any outcome, even death. I'd been given a choice years before and I knew I was good either way. It made more difference to the wife. Nov 12, 2018 16:10:56 GMT -6
ShadowsDad: Clearly I'm being allowed to do more shooting and I like that since I don't think there is shooting in the hereafter. At least I didn't get to see the ranges if they exist. Nov 12, 2018 16:12:56 GMT -6
ordinaryshaver: Thanks for the kind words and well wishes. It does a body good to know that there are so many folks that care. Nov 13, 2018 14:18:47 GMT -6